Human Foosball

Sport City Co-Owner Clark Shay brought human foosball, the most social of all the social sports, to Wilmington over three years ago and now you can enjoy all of this fast paced excitement.  This sport allows you to enjoy fun filled moments in the custom made foosball arena, followed by great times of socializing over a craft beer as you watch other competitors play. This 6 on 6 coed sport has two 6 minute halves, with the final minute of each game compromised of a two ball blitz!


  • Co-ed Social: Sport City’s social division for people looking to have a good time and meet new people.


Our arena allows for a maximum of 6 players on each team at a time.


At least two players on the court must be of either sex. Please click here for detailed rules. Please view the detailed rules.


  • 22 games are guaranteed(3 games a night)
  • All teams will compete in the playoffs, held on the eighth week of the season
  • Trained officials will be on hand for each game
  • Equipment is provided – no need to bring your own!
  • Every team member will receive Sport City t-shirts that serves as their uniform
  • All games are topped off by Sport City sponsored social events


Ogden Tap Room, 7324 Market St , Wilmington, NC 28411


October 10, 2018


All major credit cards accepted on our website.



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