Sport City Rec FAQs

How can I contact Sport City?

Please send a message from our Sport City contact page.

Can I request specific game times?

If you have a request to avoid a scheduling conflict, e-mail before the schedule is initially posted. Please note that we cannot honor all requests for later games, as several teams have the same request. We attempt to balance early and late games amongst all teams fairly, but can work with the rest of the teams as needed.

How do you break ties for playoff seeding?

Tie-breaking procedures are located at the bottom of each sport’s rules page.

Who qualifies for playoffs?

Sport City wants everyone to enjoy the excitement of the playoffs. That means that every team makes the playoff games!

Can we switch divisions at any time, or do we have to stay put once we’ve registered?

If after the first game you feel as if you or your team were placed into the wrong division then you may email in a request to change. We will do our best to accommodate you, however we cannot guarantee the switch.

Do we need to bring our own equipment?

Sport City provides all of the equipment you and your team need.  Check each sport for specific rules and dress; we recommend cleats for outdoor sports, but they are not required.

Will our team have practices or just games?

Sport City does not coordinate practice times for teams. You will need to set up something for your team on your own, as our fields are for games only.

It’s cold outside – are sweatshirts / jackets / pullovers / zip-ups allowed over my uniform?

Since ours are uniformed leagues, all sweatshirts/jackets must be worn under your uniform. The uniform shirt must be in clear view in order to play.

Can I play even if I left my uniform at home?

Ours are uniformed leagues, so all players must be in the current season’s shirt to participate in the game. Everyone is roster-checked at the start of the game to ensure you are on the team (for liability purposes).

What’s provided at the post-game happy hour?

After the game, we like to put together a post-game gathering that features drink specials, food, and the chance for players to interact with teammates and opposing teams.

Can I give my shirt to someone else to play for me if I’m going to miss a game?

No, only players on your roster are allowed to participate for liability purposes.

Where are the rules on each sport listed?

Every sport’s rules can be found on the homepage of our website under the Rules tab.

Do you have a forfeit policy?

Yes! If your team will not have the minimum number of players required, or must forfeit for any other reason please e-mail by 5pm the day before your game to avoid fines.  For specifics on player minimums and forfeit fines, please see the specified rules for your sport.

When will the schedule be posted?

Only the first week’s games will be posted prior to the start of the season.  The complete schedule for the season will be posted after that to ensure all teams are playing in the correct division.

Can I still play even if I know in advance that I’m going to have to miss a game or two during the season?

Of course!  We know that people have work and other responsibilities, which is why we allow for at least two subs on every team. Just please inform your teammates in advance.

Will you send out an announcement if the game is cancelled?

The decision to delay game times, or to reschedule, will be made same day. A message will be posted on the league page, and emails and texts will be sent out as early as possible. Do not ask about cancellations; in the event of inclement weather, you will receive an email alert or Facebook update. If risky weather begins after 5pm, please check with your team captain for updates. If games must be rescheduled, a revised schedule will be made the within 48 hours of the cancelled game and emailed to the team captains.

How do I find our weekly schedule?

Your schedule will appear under the Schedules tab for the sport that you are playing. If you click on your team name there, you’ll be able to see the full schedule. If you don’t know where a location is, the addresses and maps are all under the Locations tab on the homepage.

Can I still sign up if the website says a league is sold out?

Email to be added to the waitlist for sold-out leagues. A team or individual might back-out or request transfer to another night, leaving the spot open for you.

Can I play two sports at once?

You can play as many sports as you like in a season as long as you aren’t scheduled to play on two different teams in the same sport on the same night

Where do you announce when a new league opens?

Follow us on Facebook and and also sign up on PlayerSpace to receive updates on all of our upcoming sports and events

How do I know which division I should sign up for?

Players with some experience in a sport can opt for “social,” and “super social” is for new players or those with limited skill who want to improve. If you are still unsure, email with your sports background and we can give you an idea of which division will best fit you.

The deadline to register has passed. Can I add another player anyway?

If we have Sport City uniforms in stock, we’re happy to include more players! You have until the third week to add players; just email with add-on requests. The cost to include an additional player will be due when the shirt is received, and that player must sign the team waiver before he or she will be allowed to play.

Can I pay my team’s balance with a single credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. Please reach out to us at for instructions or questions about payments.

Can I request a specific color for our uniforms, or is it assigned at random?

Teams are asked for their top three color choices for uniforms during sign-up.  Once your team has a full roster, we ask your captain for your preferences.  There is no guarantee that we can accommodate everyone’s request, but we will try to make sure each team gets a color to their liking.

If I’m on the wait list, how do I improve my chances of being placed? And how will I know if I can’t be accommodated at any point during the season?

We grant priority placement to individuals who sign up with co-ed teammate requests, and to those who register first in each league. If we are unable to complete an additional team after the deadline and you are still waitlisted, you will be given the opportunity to transfer to another sport with priority registration.

Do you guarantee placement to individual participants?

Usually if you sign up on time we have plenty of room for everyone, but since we can’t determine the number of players to sign up for a particular sport until after the registration deadline, we can’t guarantee everyone will be placed. If you are not initially placed, then you will be waitlisted.

What is the refund policy?

We use a third party for online registrations, so we are unable to process any refunds after your payment has been made. If you are no longer able to play, and inform us via email ( prior to the registration deadline, then we will credit the amount to any future Sport City event of equal value for the remainder of the calendar year. Once the registration deadline has passed, we cannot award credits. If after the registration deadline has passed (but before the season begins) you can’t participate for any reason, you would need to find someone to take your place. That player can compensate you for the spot once they have registered through the website and informed us via email of the switch.

Can I sign up online or in person?

All transactions and signups need to be conducted via the Sport City website, so unfortunately we can’t add anyone in person or accept another form of payment other than a credit card.

What is the registration process?

If you already have a full team: When signing up, team captains will designate a team name with us and let the rest of the team know when the decision is finalized. You will need to know your team name, your captain’s name, what division you’re playing in, and your t-shirt size to add yourself to the appropriate group online.

If you do not have a full team: Sign up as an individual to be placed on a team. If you have friends that you want to play with, but you can’t create a full team by yourselves, email us at with any teammate requests. Team rosters will not be changed after registration ends.

How do I sign up for my favorite sports?

On the menu, go to the League Page and find the sport you would like to play. There is a registration link for each that will take you to our partner site (PlayerSpace), which is how you start the registration and payment process.

How do I add players to my team after we’ve registered?

Each player needs to register individually as a team player. They will need to know the team name or captain’s name.

Can you explain the different pricing options?

EARLY BIRD pricing is a perk for our returning members. They’re the first to know when registration opens and get first pick on their favorite sports. During this registration period, team members enjoy convenient placing at a discounted rate. REGULAR pricing is offered after the early registration period to new players and to teams that want more time to recruit and organize team members before finalizing the roster.

What if I need to request a shirt?

All participants receive a shirt with their entry fee. If you would like to request another shirt please email us at

How can I more easily access my schedule?

Download the Playerspace App to your phone, and then choose the option to sync your calendar. Your schedule will then be at your fingertips!

How can I stay informed about Sport City happenings and updates to my sport?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to see photos, discounts, contests, and special event notices, or go to the home page of Sport City Rec to access our calendar.

Questions about how to register?

Watch an instructional video on signing up as an Individual. Or click here for faqs

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