Corporate Kickball

Corporate Kickball making the office fun since 1917.  Technology has came along way since then but having fun at work is still the one thing that brings an office together and there is no better way than having a little out of office fun playing kickball.   Kickball is a combination of two great sports (soccer & baseball) rolled up into one seriously fun night of entertainment.   All of our corporate activities are designed to create social connections among coworkers regardless of age, gender, athletic experience, or the physical aptitude of each participant.  After the game, all Sport City kickballers head to our sponsor bar to keep the good times going with some of the best food and drink specials in town.


Our field allows for 10 players at a time and teams can have as many as twenty employees on the roster.


At least three players on the field must be of either gender, and participants of the same gender may only take two consecutive turns at kicking at a time. Please view the detailed rules.


  • Eight games are guaranteed
  • All teams will compete in the playoffs, held on the eighth week of the season
  • The number of teams in each league to participate in the playoffs varies each season according to the outcomes of earlier games.
  • Trained officials will be on hand for each game
  • Equipment is provided – no need to bring your own!
  • Every team member will receive Sport City t-shirts as part of their uniforms
  • All games are topped off by Sport City sponsored social events

Start Date

May 7, 2024 (Tuesday Night League)


4305 Shipyard Blvd, Wilmington NC 28403


We accept all major credit cards here on our website or we can take a check or card and one time team payment from the company.


Questions about how to register?

Watch an instructional video on signing up as an Individual. Or click here for faqs

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