Indoor Golf

Fore!!!  Sport City’s take on the oldest social sport!  We are taking the stuffiness of the old school golfing community and bringing a new school twist.  Whether you have played for years and your game is dialed in, or maybe you are new to the game and looking to have a good time. Maybe just maybe, you just like to play and  prefer to hit more out of bounds than you do birdies.  No matter how you like to play, we have a spot for you and your friend.


  • Social (A): Sign up for this division if you’ve played a time or two, have some decent skills and can shoot in the 80’s
  • Super Social(B): Sport City’s super social division is for people looking to have a good time and have seen Caddyshack more times than they have broke 90.


2 players on a team.  Grab a teammate and your scores will be based on you and your partners weekly scores.


2 players on each team and we will play 9 holes on a different course each week.


  • 8 weeks are guaranteed(9 holes a night)
  • All teams will compete in the playoffs, held on the eighth week of the season
  • Trained officials will be on hand for each game
  • Equipment is not provided – you will need to bring your own clubs!
  • Every team member will receive Sport City t-shirts that serves as their uniform
  • All games are topped off by Sport City sponsored social events


Backspin Social , 6717 Market St , Wilmington, NC 28405


March 4, 2024(Monday Night League)

March 21, 2024 (Thursday Night League)


All major credit cards accepted on our website.

Weekly fees will be paid at the pro shop.


Questions about how to register?

Watch an instructional video on signing up as an Individual. Or click here for faqs

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